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Sunday, December 16, 2012

VOTE Now for the Hush, Hush Movie Fan Cast

UPDATE:  VOTING ENDS AT MIDNIGHT ON SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 3Cast your vote by completing the form/ballot below.

You guys rock!  We received so many nominations for the Hush, Hush Movie Fan Cast that it took us an extra day or two just to sort through them all and calculate the most popular.  But we are finally ready!  We brought the actors/actresses with the most nominations forward and now it's time to VOTE!

Our fan Dream Cast will be made up of the top 3 for each character.  Please only one vote per email address.  Duplicate/multiple votes from the same address will be disqualified and will not be counted.

Voting will be open through the end of December JANUARY - please spread the word and ask your friends to vote, too!




Sz. Blessie said...
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Sz. Blessie said...

Oh Gosh! This Dream Cast is really good!! But, I would choose Ian Somerhalder (who is not on the list , unfortunately) or Adam Gregory (who's nominated for Rixon...:D)as Patch. But anyway the cast is really good:)

Samantha Corr said...

Oh nooooo! I want Candice for Marcie :(

Silvia said...

I would actually love Louis Prades as Patch instead of Rixon, but I swear this thingy made me swed! I didnt know who to choose, absoletely all the actors here are just stunning!

Aeronain said...

Too bad Ian Somerhalder isn't on the list (as Patchn I mean).. I think he got all the characteristic as Patch..

Sz. Blessie said...

I agree with Aeronain !! :):D

laura Silveira Laura Silveira said...

OMG Matt Lanter is a really really good Patch *o*

Lucinda Williams said...

what about darbia???

liz rose said...

I agree with Aeronain and Sz. Blessie. Ian Somerhalder would be perfect as patch. If only he were on the list!

Lorraine said...

That moment when the candidates for the side characters are MILE YEARS better than the candidates for the main characters.

Eduarda Campos said...

While at Scott ??
My opinion would be Kellan Lutz or Liam Hemsworth for Scott !

Ana said...

I want novelty, not take it anymore Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev, please!

Ian Somerhalder is very old.

Put actors and actresses that the public doesn't know.

Mαri ; said...

Patch - Ian Somerhalder
Nora - Kaya Scodelario (more or less)
Vee - Arielle Kebbel
Rixon - Kellan Lutz
Jules - Paul Wesley
Elliot - Jensen Ackles
Marcie - Ashley Benson
Nora's Mom - Elizabeth Reaser
Detective Basso - Jay Hernandez

And Dorothea?? Maria Conchita Alonso.
Dabria? Nikki Reed !! *-*

Roxana Carolina Delgado Cruz said...

nick Jonas could be awesome for Patch role

camilas stayer said...

Patch - Nick Jonas
Nora - Lucy Hale

camilas stayer said...

Nick Jonas as Patch (he was on broadway many many times)
Lucy Hale as Nora
That's all

katie moon said...

Vee is supposed to be 'carrying a few extra pounds' and all the actresses listed for her are really slim! REBEL WILSON SHOULD BE VEE!

Krisztina Viktória Katona said...

Of Course Drew Doyon as Patch. Hi's the model of book. His perfect for this.
I think for Nora is the best maybe Shailene Woodly.Yeah.. Is perfect for Nora. :)

Katie Kleinburg said...


Narrie Shin said...

Oh my gosh. Ethan Peck as Patch.

Claribelle Laurilla said...

Louis Prades as Patch because he looks bad boy, naughty and mysterious like Patch! and for Nora Kaya Rose Scodelario is perfect!

Russ Alecxis Pereda said...

Ian Somerhalder - Patch
Shelley Hennig - Nora
Kellan Lutz - Scott
Rebel Wilson - Vee
Candice - Marcie

Fi Alves said...

Elliot - Alex Pettyfer
He is perfect. *-*

BiggestFANSofBieber said...

To be honest I'd choose TYLER BLACK BURN as patch! what a shame he isn't nominated anyway..good people on here though:)

Fi Alves said...

Perfect Cast:
Patch - Drew Doyon
Nora - Emmy Rossum
Vee - Emma Stone
Rixon - Matt Lanter
Jules - Nicholas Hoult
Elliot - Alex Pettyfer
Marcie - Ashley Benson
Nora's Mom - Rachel Weisz
Detective Basso - Mark Ruffalo
<3 <3

Fliflo said...

I voted for Steven Strait in the role of Patch but I think Louis Prades would be a better Patch.

Lyndsey Rigdon said...

Patch- Nick Jonas
Nora- Miley Cyrus(with a wig or something)
Vee- Demi Lovato
Rixon- Joe Jonas
Jules- Zac Efron
Elliot - Liam Hemsworth
Marcie- Hayden Panitier

Lyndsey Rigdon said...

Dabria- Claire Holt

Beelen Swaggy said...

Patch - Drew Roy
Nora - Selena Gomez
Vee - Asley Benson
Rixon - Adam Gregory
Jules - Ben Barnes
Elliot - Alex Pettyfer
Marcie - Freya Mavor
Nora's Mom - Holly Marie Combs
Detective Basso - Billy Burke

The characters perfect (for me): D

Nunkaaa ;) said...

patch = bad boy, not a child, none of the actors did not suitable him!
Patch has something in his eyes, he is my ideal man instead of dolls.
As for the other actors in my opinion is also podzilone.
I was hoping for something better.

The Crazy Fiction said...

I probably would have picked Jackson Rathbone for Patch.
and I always pictured Vee a little chubbier than the options provided.
I would have picked shiloh fernandez for Scott

Emma Rein said...

Patch is suppose to be very italian looking, Nick Jonas definitely doesn't look the part aside from dark hair... I like Avan Jogia, and obviously he's not an actor but Zayn Mailk definitely looks the part of Patch in my opinion

Emma Rein said...

Patch is suppose to be very Italian looking, Nick Jonas doesn't really look italian, aside from the dark hair... I like Avan Jogia, and obviously he's not an actor but Zayn Malik definitely fits the part look-wise in my opinion. Kaya Scodelario isn't really who I imagined Nora looking like, but im totally obsessed with her as Effy on skins so I'd love to see her in this movie

rushnan said...

Guys, this is the most perfect guy for Patch. Give it a try; look at the picture. His name is Wade Poezyn. Spread the word so that Becca and everyone else hears about him.,r:26,s:0,i:168&tx=55&ty=58.

BusraKck said...

Patch Cipriano : Rob Moore or Xavier Samuel
Nora Grey: Lily Collins
Vee Sky: Ashley Benson
Marcie Millar:Amber Heard
Scott Parnell:Hunteer Parrish
Dante Materazzi:Kellan Lutz
Blythe Grey:Rachel Weisz
D.Basso:MARK Ruffalo

BusraKck said...

Patch Cipriano : Rob Moore or Xavier Samuel
Nora Grey: Lily Collins
Vee Sky: Ashley Benson
Marcie Millar:Amber Heard
Scott Parnell:Hunteer Parrish
Dante Materazzi:Kellan Lutz
Blythe Grey:Rachel Weisz
D.Basso:MARK Ruffalo

Kacy Hostetter said...

I definitely agree! is he plays Patch in the movie I'll be pushing my way through the crowd to get in the that movie theater

Jelenator4ever said...

Nora- Selena Gomez
Vee- Ashley Benson

Devéns said...

Totalmente discordo de Nick Jonas como Patch, pra mim Patch seria bem diferente, pfrv.

Adriana Esqueda said...

Patch: Drew Roy
Nora: Kaya Scodelario
Vee: Tiffany Thornton
Rixon: Kellan Lutz
Jules: Jake Abel
Elliot: Alex Pettyfer
Marcie: Dianna Agron
Nora´s mom: Andie MacDowell
Basso: Jensen Ackless
Dabria: Teresa Palmer

Eleanor Lloyd said...

nina dobrev for nora

its a shame Ian Somerhalder isnt on the list as i would put him down for patch

Maryam Raza said...

I think Patch should more of a tough & naughty guy and should be well built so there should be some more nominations for his part..Kellan Lutz would be perfect for Rixon and there should be some other nominations for Nora too...

Maryam Raza said...

There should be someone with a stronger built and a naughty look for Patch. Kellan Lutz is perfect as Rixon and Alex Pettyfer for Elliot and there should be more nominations for Nora's character.