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Monday, September 24, 2012

Countdown to FINALE: Reread the first 3 books with us!

If you're anything like us and all those amazing FINALE excerpts have you pumped up and totally impatient to read FINALE, then we have the perfect solution to fill the (agonizing) gap these next few weeks.

A read along of HUSH, HUSH, CRESCENDO, and SILENCE!

Because what better way is there to get ready to spend more time with Patch and Nora then to spend more time with Patch and Nora? Sure, we all know what happens in the first three books, but let's go back and remember just what made us fall for Patch and sacrifice sleep until we knew where Nora's story was taking us. We can share favorite lines, post fan art, see if we notice any hints of what's to come in FINALE.

Do you have friends that haven't read the series yet? Now is the perfect time. Have them join us! We'll also be giving away prizes at random to fans caught talking about the book we're reading that week.
So, are YOU in? Good! Because we can't wait to relive all of our favorite Hush, Hush Saga moments with you as we count down the days until it all ends. But remember, Love Has No Finale!

The details:

Hang with us on Facebook, Twitter, the FallenArchangel forum, post on Tumblr, pin on Pinterest
as we reread each book and share quotes, excerpts, photos etc. on the dates as follows:

Monday, October 1 thru Sunday, October 7
Take it back to where it all began with HUSH, HUSH

Monday, October 8 thru Sunday, October 14
Fall for everyone's favorite fallen angel all over again with CRESCENDO

Monday, October 15 thru Sunday, October 22
Shout it, write it, share it! Just don't be keep silent as you reread SILENCE

We hope you'll join us and keep spreading that Hush, Hush love!

*Questions or comments? Please post them in the comments section below*

Thursday, September 20, 2012

LOVE HAS NO FINALE Blog Tour Day 4 - Finale Excerpt Reveal

It's been an incredibly exciting week so far - we are loving the sneak peeks of FINALE!  And it's just getting better as the chapter continues to be revealed!!  We continue today here on FallenArchangel and the final stop is tomorrow on

Before you read on, if you missed any of the previous 3 days you'll want to read those excerpts first. Day 1 was here on Novel Novice, Day 2 here on Steph Su Reads and Day 3 here on Wondrous Reads.

Ok, now that you're all caught up.... read on for Day 4's reveal!!

When I woke, the bed next to me was cold. I smiled at the memory of falling asleep curled in Patch’s arms, concentrating on that rather than the probability that Pepper Friberg, aka Mr. Archangel with a Dirty Secret, had sat outside my house all night, playing spy. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

CHAT with Becca Fitzpatrick & Drew Doyon TONIGHT!

Just a few hours until Becca and (Patch cover model) Drew Doyon will be joining us for a a live chat on FallenArchangel.    Becca will be making a few announcements and she and Drew will be taking questions from 9-10 PM Eastern Time.  Hope to see you there!