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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hush, Hush Movie News...Join us in freaking out!

After seeing this mind-blowing heart-stopping headline on

LD Entertainment to adapt Becca Fitzpatrick's
'Hush, Hush Saga' -- EXCLUSIVE

this was our reaction...


The above gifs were found on this tumblr page

WOO! Ok, now that we got that out of our systems, we want to hear (or see) your reactions.
Leave a comment on this blog post telling us your thoughts on this major news so we can
all freak out together. Then head on over to the EW announcement and share your dream casting picks.
Names of actors, photos, videos--share them with the world! Let's make sure LD Entertainment knows who the Hush, Hush fans want to see play Patch and Nora and the rest of Becca's incredible characters in the Hush, Hush world. Casting suggestions, feedback, excitement; show them how much we
want to see the movie we've all been hoping and wishing for!

And stay tuned for contest news from us here at FallenArchangel. It's time to celebrate!

OK, one more...


Olivia Innes said...

OMG OMG OMG WHEN I SAW THIS I HAD TO RE READ IT LIKE 5 TIMES I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT. I love Hush Hush and I've always wanted to see it on the big screen! >.< I'm crying tears of joy right now :') If they don't cast Patch and Nora right Imma flip a table or something! SO PSHYCHED!

Olivia Innes said...

Oh Oh OH and I totlally believe Drew Deserves to be Patch! He said he would I remember him saying it in the live chat! It'd be awesome if he was, and Alot of us crazed fans think he should SOOOO yeaa :) he should be patch since he already is

Hailey JM said...

A loud pricing scream of cheer and my mom comes in saying 'what happed? Who died? is their an intruder? '
That never happened but it would be funny if it did

Angela Hubbard said...

Haha i'm with ya, flipping a table will be in order, if they don't cast right! I absolutely can not wait for this movie!

samantha Tolentino said...

OH MY GOSH!!! :)))) I am soo excited! Is there any news on the casting?

lyhaane said...

Ok, Ok... I'm breathing deeply righ now......... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I just can't believe it!!! but it's happening!!! when I read hte news, I just couldn't stop screaming and crying and jumping and everything.. I was waiting for this for 3 years and now it comes true T^T .... I'm so excited and happy for Becca... It's really amazing... I already want to know who's gonna play Patch and Nora and Vee and Rixon... aaawwwww Days go sloww!!!! too slow!!

I'll be alert for more news about who's gonna be the director and the cast... a lot is waiting for us, and I'm ready for that!!!

Greetings from Peru

PS: Rebecca, it's Lyane by the way!!!

Lucinda Williams said...

I saw the screen, and jumped out of my chair, and screamed. My mum thought I was getting murdered, but then realised that the movie was being made and was like "don't scare me like that again". I was like. "mum you do know my heart could have been beating so fast it couldv't just stopped'. she walked away :P

ines rodeia said...
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ines rodeia said...

OMG OMG OMG!! I'm soooooooo happy! Can't wait to see Patch and Nora on the big screen!! Jesus, I'm going to have an heart attack...


marqui strickler said...

I can't believe the saga i have been fangirling over is finally going to be A MOVIE!!!! I love this saga i just love it!! i can't wait to watch the movie i have been waiting forever to see this be turn into a movie i have read the first book over a million times i'm on the 3rd book right and about to start the last book! I love this book because its not what i was expecting at all i was expecting it be another romance story like Twilight but this saga beats its by far! I would totally love to be Nora Grey and have a hottie like Patch Cipriano falling in love with me and plus all the charcters in here you gotta love them all even Hank Miller......they all play a special part but to be honest i have literally cried,laughed,smiled,acted out the book and when i read the firt book i just fell head over heels for Patch...i have a crush on him to be honest and btw i love the cover model Drew Doyon......he is sexy he would play the part of patch PERFECT! I hope someday i get to tell Becca Fitzpatrick that her books are amazing and i want to thank her so muc for making them! <3

Kim Avdar said...

Omg I'm like so happy right now ! Hush Hush the movie ... I can't take it anymore this is crazy! ^^ Am I the only one who dreams about Drew as patch??He is perfect for this (: Please comment back ladies <3

Isabelle said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! I can't belive it! YES!
I am so HAPPY right now!! I looove the book series and when it comes out, I AM GOING TO WATCH THE MOVIES IN THE THEATER A GAZILLION TIMES! I love the books and I am probably the happiest person in the world right now! When I me and my friend found out, we literally started screaming and I almost cried. I don't think I can be happier! And Drew Doyon IS the perfect Patch! I don't know if he's going to be Patch in the movie, but if he is, WELL MY LIFE IS COMPLETE AND I COULD JUST DIE RIGHT NOW!! Thank you Becca Fitzpatrick for writing this book! I love it and it inspired me and my best friend to be authors. I am just SO happy right now! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Seriously, I don't know what else could make me this happy! I fan-girl with my friend all the time and we laugh and I ALWAYS find a way to change the subject of the conversation from one thing to talking about Patch Cipriano. I also started say 'OMP' (Oh My Patch). And compared to Twilight, HAHA THAT'S FUNNY! Twilight can't even compare! I love Drew Doyon! I hope he's Patch in the movie. He IS an angel, I mean, LOOK AT HIS FACE!! <3 Haha!! My friend and I love Patch and we can't wait to find our Patch's <3! I am planning on filling my wall with quotes from the books. I already wrote all the quotes down and now I just need to hang them! I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE MOVIE! Thank you so much, Becca, you made my life perfect for writing these books!
You're #1 Fan,

Christian Dianne said...

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THE MOVIE!!!!! But let's all be realistic, Patch is gotta be SUPER attractive and scruffy as well. Justin Gaston, MUST BE PATCH