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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pre-Order CRESCENDO and Help Support

We have a little favor to ask....

If you are planning on Pre-Ordering CRESCENDO (or making any on-line book purchases) we would be really grateful if you would think about doing so by clicking through one of our Affiliate Links.  FallenArchangel earns small commissions from all sales made through the links provided here on our blog and on our website.  We are currently affiliated (and earning commissions) with Amazon and Book Depository.

The costs of maintaining the site, paying shipping for our contests/giveaways, etc add up quickly and we'd very much appreciate any help we can get :-)  THANKS!!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Spoiler-Free Build Up to CRESCENDO

Recently we have found out just how much spoilers can ruin a book for someone.  This past week at least one review full of spoilers was posted for MOCKINGJAY, the 3rd book in THE HUNGER GAMES Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, before the book was even released! Sadly, it has ruined the book for many.

We want to remind you as we get closer and closer to the release of CRESCENDO, that Becca has put a lot of time into writing an AWESOME book for us!  Out of respect for her we encourage you to re-read this post regarding ARCs and Spoilers we posted back in July.....

Things to keep in mind if you are lucky enough to get an ARC. Remember that the official release is in October, so most people will not be reading it until then. Becca has asked that, when possible, you hold off on posting reviews until SEPTEMBER. And to please, please, please keep them Spoiler FREE. As was the case with HUSH HUSH, this book is gonna keep you turning the pages to find out what is going to happen and we really hope as many people as possible can stay spoiler free :-)
AND we encourage you, as a reader, to be careful about what you read so that you don't accidentally spoil it for yourself.   Here on FallenArchangel we have received permission and worked with both Becca and Simon & Schuster to select any teaser/cookies that are posted.  AND we are careful not to reveal any spoilers. 

We LOVE LOVE LOVE CRESCENDO sooo much, the build up throughout the book is awesome and we'd can't wait for you all to enjoy it.  :-) 

Feel free to tell us your thoughts below...  

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PAYA: Bringing YA to PA

Today we are happy to bring you a guest blog post from Skyanne aka @Harmonybreviews.  We (Rebecca and Jenn) live in PA too and have a love of YA, so we are proud to support PAYA :-)

PAYA: Bringing YA to PA is an organization dedicated to raising money for libraries across Pennsylvania. It started as me donating books to my local library and has quickly grown into something much more. Libraries across the state are now benefitting from PAYA and our various fundraisers. We've raised over a thousand dollars by doing online auctions and other fundraisers, as well as collected hundreds of books for libraries.

Our current focus, and what we've been working towards all year, is the PAYA 2010 Festival. It will take place on August 21st at the Center for Performing and Fine Arts in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Eighteen authors will be attending, including teen authors Chelsea Swiggett and Kieryn Nicolas, along with Josh Berk, Cyn Balog, Stephanie Kuehnert, Jeri Smith-Ready, Jennifer Hubbard, Amy Brecount White, Jon Skovron, Shelena Shorts, Jennifer Murgia, Shannon Delany, Holly Nicole Hoxter, Dianne Salerni, Christine Marciniak, Andrew Aueson, Ellen Jensen Abbott, and Meg Medina. Children's Book World out of Haverford, PA will be selling books at the event. Other fundraisers, like a basket raffle featuring signed books from Meg Cabot, Megan McCafferty, Kimberly Derting, and many others, and a used book sale, will also be going on. The festival itself will run from 1pm-3pm.

Before the actual festival starts, a writing workshop will also be taking place. The workshop will be led by Josh Berk, Jon Skovron, Amy Brecount White, Meg Medina, Jeri Smith-Ready, Stephanie Keuhnert, and Shannon Delany. The authors will be speaking on a variety of writing-related topics and also critiquing the work of each attendee, who will be asked to bring the first 3 pages of their work-in-progress. This writing workshop will take place from 10am to noon and will cost $45.

All of the money raised at the festival from the fundraisers, and a portion of the book sales, will be donated to libraries across the state.

If you can't attend the festival but would still like to support Pennsylvania libraries, you can support PAYA in various ways. We're currently accepting book and monetary donations, which can be sent via Paypal or money order. All money goes to libraries and the books are either donated to libraries or sold in the used book sale to raise more money for libraries. You can also help by spreading the word to your Pennsylvania friends!

Visit for more information on PAYA, the festival, and ways you can get involved!

Note:  Rebecca & I are planning on being there for the festival/signings (hopefully the stars will align for us lol) - we hope you will stop by and support PAYA if you can!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Meet the newest member of the Fallenarchangel family!

We're super excited to introduce you all to our new blog contributor, Megan, one of our first forum members and a huge HUSH, HUSH series fan! Please read a little about Megan and help us welcome her into the Fallenarchangel family.

Hello! First of all, I want to thank Jenn and Rebecca for giving me the chance to be a blog contributor!

To let you know a little bit about me, my name’s Megan, and I’m 24 years old. I live near Columbus, Ohio with my husband of two years, Matthew. I was introduced to Hush, Hush as a part of the Barnes & Noble First Look book club. After reading it in one 5-hour sitting, I was addicted and needed more!! lol! That is when I went to Becca’s website and saw something about a fansite that two sisters had created for Hush, Hush! The rest, as they say, is history! I joined the FallenArchangel forum in September 2009 and was one of the first 100 members, or “First to Fall.”

Since then, I have enjoyed getting to know Jenn and Rebecca through numerous Twitter conversations! I was even fortunate enough to get to meet them on my way through their neck of the woods in Pennsylvania in June!

Recently, I was given the chance to read an ARC (advanced reader copy) of The Hush, Hush sequel, Crescendo. I’ve got to say, I think Becca really outdid herself on this one! It was fabulous! I loved every bit of it. It picks up right where Hush, Hush leaves off, and it will definitely keep you guessing until the end! I don’t want to give anything away, but I will say that whether you love them or love to hate them, many of the characters from Hush, Hush make appearances in Crescendo, along with a new face or two! I can’t wait for all of you to be able to read it!

CRESCENDO Cookie of the Week

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This week's Cookie is brought to us by Becca Fitzpatrick!!