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Monday, April 19, 2010

Jekel Loves Hyde Blog Tour

We are really excited to be the first stop on the Jekel Loves Hyde Blog Tour sponsored by Page Turners Blog, one of our fabulous affiliates!  Be sure to check out all the great stops this week...

Monday- FallenArchangel

Jekel Loves Hyde is by Beth Fantaskey, who by the way lives in PA like us YAY!  Visit Beth's wesbite here and read a preview of Jekel Loves Hyde here.

Charachter Bio: Dr Frederick Hyde, Tristen's father
Dr. Frederick Hyde is one of the world’s top psychoanalysts. He’s also an aloof, demanding parent, which makes it difficult for his son, Tristen, to determine whether Dr. Hyde’s concealing a dangerous family secret. Does the doctor’s tough exterior mask something even worse inside? Or does he honestly believe Tristen is going crazy, with his tales of a “Hyde curse?”

Music from Jekel Loves Hyde Playlist:

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Q&A with the Author, Beth Fantaskey (Questions posed by Stacey (PageTurnersBlog) and Georgie "gypsywings" (Eve'sFanGarden)
1. How long did it take to write Jekel?
It took about three months to finish the first draft – then about nine months of revision. That seems to be my timeline!

2. Writing from multiple points of views is not overly common in YA novels. Why did you choose to write from both Jill and Tristen’s point of view?
I felt like Tristen was as much a main character as Jill – and facing his own significant conflicts – so I wanted to show his thought processes, too. It just seemed to me that the story wouldn’t work without both of their voices.

3. What inspired you to write re-interpretations of classic stories?
About fifteen years ago, I rediscovered all of the classic literature that I should have read in high school. I think it started with Moby Dick (which I try to pay a small tribute to, in one scene in Jessica’s Guide), and took off from there. I kept picking up these books, thinking, “Wow, there is a reason they’ve endured so long!” So the works of Austen, Dickens, Dumas, etc., are sort of the backdrop of my adult life. I guess it’s only natural that these stories come into play in my own writing, because they’ve left such a big imprint on my psyche.

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Give Away:  Now here's the really fun part.  You can enter here to win a signed copy of Jekel Loves Hyde! Jekel & Hyde's first scene together takes place at a funeral! Where is the oddest / most unique place you met someone who eventually became your friend or boy/girl friend??  Tell us in the comments (click on "Publicar un comentario" sorry we can't figure out how to change that to English) and  and be sure to include your email address. The contest will be open through next Monday (April 26th) at Midnight EDT.  We will pick one winner at random.  Contest is open to anyone BUT if the winner is outside of the US/Canada they will be responsible for shipping charges.

Special Thanks to PageTurners for Sponsoring this fabulous BookTour, to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for our review copy and to PageTurners & Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for sponsoring the contest!  



The weirdest place I have ever made a good friend... At RT! I have found my best friends at a book convention! They live on the other side of the country. But we visit when ever we can. Book brining people together! How cool is that.

Please enter me. I loved Jessica's Guide!
Lifkdasux at aol dot com

Sweet Lady Jess said...

I would say the oddest place I've met my closest friend would be at a bus stop on campus. I usually get asked directional questions at a bus stop. And she did, but we then started talking about the classes we take, our interests and here we are now. Best buds!


Julie said...

Oddest place...I'd say a library concert. My best friend and I had met before but mostly we were just trying to talk to the same people at the same time. Fast forward a year, we both end up being among the first to show up at a concert at our library where we began bonding over the band I came to see and the introduced her to. Now a year and a half later, we're going on a school trip where we'll room together and this summer she's coming with us on our family vacation.


Anonymous said...

The strangest place is at camp. We were in the same group so...

KatieDoll said...

I met my ex-boyfriend at Gamestop, the videogame store, which is pretty weird. I was looking for a guide book on "The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge" game, and he started talking to me. In a way, since we both love videogames, it was actually kind of .. romantic. :)

A Simple Love of Reading said...

Hmm...oddest place I met a good friend would have to be from under about 100 large bags of dog kibble...yes, I said "bags of dog kibble"! I was new to working at a pet store for an after school job, and one day while loading the large bags of kibble onto the trolly to re-stock the front of the store, the pile was leaning rather percariously and I didn't notice until I pulled the bag off the top and had the entire stack fall on me. One of the other staff members came to investigate the loud crash and found me beneath the bags of kibble. Laughing together we finally removed all the bags, and wiping tears from our eyes promptly introduced ourselves!

Erin said...

The oddest place I ever met someone was when I met my best friend at Universal Studios in Orlando Fl on a choir trip (I'm from PA). He was one of the operators for the Men in Black ride :-) I met him while waiting in line with my girlfriends. We were joking and flirting with him and his friend to pass the time. Later in the day he went through the theme park to track me down and we've been friends ever since. (it's a good thing my friends and I were wearing bright red choir shirts) :-)

Endoh Chiaki said...

Hmmm... I'm more of in-door type of girl so what I can consider as the most weirdest place I've met someone was in a Nipa hut which my college has. This happened just last year, my very first year in college. My new friend and I were bored during our 1 hour break and didn't really know what to do so we saw a bunch of a classmates hanging out inside a Nipa hut and decided to join them. We became especially close with another pair that was in there and became one awesome group of four we call "The Hate Club"! (Where people who hate each other, come together.) >:D

animedikz_kyo at yahoo dot com

we do enter for the contest here, right? XD

Becca Fitzpatrick said...

Haha! Well, I met Jenn and Rebecca when they emailed saying they'd just read my book, and even though they knew nothing about me, they wanted to start a fansite! So we met in space and time because of a BOOK :)

Very cool.

lovelyCAITLIN said...

Oh my, I spent nearly five minutes looking for the comments button. Lame, eh?
Well, I actually met my boyfriend when I walked in on him peeing.
I'm pretty certain I was blushing scarlet when I ran outside! We still laugh about it sometimes! And now it's his turn to blush red!
-Caitlin G.
caitlingillbert at yahoo dot com

Mandy said...

I met on of my friends while he was dressed as The Green Goblin at the mall promoting a comic book store opening. I was with my BFF and her little neice. She wanted to take a picture with'the strange green man' but once she got closer she started screaming and crying and was so scared. The guy felt really bad and showed him her face under the mask to prove he wasnt a monster. After that she stopped crying and we got a picture of her as she was wiping her eyes and was looking up at him about to shake his hand. So then a few hours later we were in the food court when we saw him and two other characters sitting with street clothes over their spandex. Oh, to our amazement, they were our age, and cute! My friend and I walked up to them and started talking to them, and ended up getting The Green Goblins number, and we still call him sometimes.

Oh, and once me and another friend prank called a random number that turned out to be a guy our age, and started talking to him for real and added him on myspace.

Chloe said...

I've made some great friends over Twitter! And I've also made some friends (although I don't really talk to them anymore...) at Comic-Con, which is a REALLY interesting place to meet people.. haha.


Jenny N. said...

I met one of my firends in summer school in elementary. We didnt go to the same elementary but met up again in highschool. When I saw her again I thought she looked really familiar.


throuthehaze said...

I met a friend at an out of town concert. He was friends with some of my friends and we all had to share a tiny hotel room together.
throuthehaze at gmail dot com

KrysteyBelle said...

I met my husband inside a furry costume at a theme park. =)

belle5678 at yahoo dot com

donnas said...

I dont really have any odd stories. I seem to have met all my friends in boring, normal locations - school, work, etc.

bacchus76 at myself dot com

nmmel78 said...

I actually met my husband on the side of the interstate after my brother's car broke down. He and I sat on the tailgate of his pick up truck chatting while my brother and the mechanic fixed the car :o)

MannaB said...

I haven't met any friends in weird places, but now I have a goal for the year!!!

Anisa said...
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