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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Simon & Schuster Australia sharing the HUSH, HUSH love

Hey guys, sorry we haven't had much posted in the blog here. Craziness all around with the holiday and life in general (good stuff!) but to get back in the swing of things here's a video S&S in Australia made showing how they made the most of the big time crowds out to see New Moon by putting on some awesome black angel wings and handing out copies of HUSH, HUSH.

Love it!

When Jenn and I went to the midnight premiere of New Moon I saw a girl walking through the lobby with a copy of HUSH, HUSH in her hands. How exciting!!! I think reaching out to all the Twilight masses is brilliant because for all the fans looking for a new story to keep them up at night with a bad boy to steal their hearts, HUSH, HUSH is it. And just in case you haven't read it yet, I can promise you they are very different stories. The only similarities I see is that they are both awesome books with a good girl falling for a bad boy.

Now check out this video. How fun!

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