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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Featured Fiction for December - Q&A with Lisa McMann

We bring our December Feature of the WAKE Series to a close with a "Question and Answer" with author Lisa McMann.

Our thanks to the FallenArchangel Forum Members who submitted questions and to Lisa for taking the time to answer them. (Note: the Q&A took place before Christmas)

Do you have anything special planned for the holidays?
This year we are going to be as traditional in our Christmas day as possible. Since all our family lives elsewhere, we often are traveling or enjoying the holiday away from home. This year we are staying in Arizona for a cozy family time, just the four of us. Really looking forward to it!

And would you mind telling us one for your favorite things about the holiday season?
My husband tends to have several days off from work in December and that has been a lot of fun having him around the house. Also, work in publishing tends to slow slightly, which gives me a bit of a break just at the right time before the big push to the finish line for my February book release and tour. The holidays are a great time to take a breather.

Submitted by Brttmclv
What gave you the idea for this story? The dream thing? How did that come about? (Because it's WAYYY cool. Lol.)
I got the idea for the plot from a dream I had about being able to see into my husband’s dream. The characters (Janie, Cabel) we formed through years of my own reading – I ‘ve always loved the underdog and I tend to give my characters lots to overcome. I think that’s what makes characters interesting.
How long did it take you to write this? (Because I love asking authors that.)
I wrote the rough draft of WAKE in seven very long days. Then spend a few months polishing it up. Most novels take me about five weeks to write now, plus months for editing.

Submitted by Anya
What does your writing process look like? Outlining, revising, completion etc...
I don’t outline unless someone makes me. I write straight through, start to finish, and I write cleanly but sparsely. Rarely do I have to cut – most often I have to fill in.
What inspires you most?
Nature and heroic news stories of teens doing incredibly unselfish things.
What do you have to have beside you when you write? Something special to eat etc...
Diet Coke in the morning. Ice water in the afternoon. That’s about it.
Where do you write?
In the green chair by the slider door.
When do you normally write? In the morning, at noon or at night?
I write when my kids are in school, roughly 8:30-3:30. If it’s going well, I’ll keep going as long as I can.
How long did it take you to get Wake published?
I wrote it in summer 2006, got my agent in fall of that year, he sold it to S&S in Jan 2007. It published March 2008.

Submitted by Spidermonkey19
Have you always wanted to be a writer or was it something you had to find?
I pretty much always wanted to be a writer. At least since about 4th grade.

Submitted by Danidlion
Which book out of the three has been your favorite/most fun to write?
This is a tough question. I love them all in different ways. WAKE was probably most exciting because I really felt like I had something cool in mind. Discovering the characters was really fun. I loved writing FADE because I didn’t know what was going to happen to Janie until I was well into that story, and when I figured it out, it blew me away. Writing GONE was hard, but it was terrific watching the characters grow and get through some tough stuff.

Submitted by Nikkayne
Was it hard to let go of the characters after you finished writing Gone?
It was hard, yes. But I feel like they’re still there somewhere, growing up without me. It was sad while I was writing, but it was definitely right.
Do you think you'll ever revisit any of the characters from Wake Trilogy?
Not a day goes by that someone doesn’t ask me this. People really seem to want a book from Cabel’s point of view, similar to the short story I offer on my website. I don’t know…I have no plans to write one at this point. But I won’t rule it out completely.

Submitted by svp
Will Carrie ever be able to move on from Carson's death or will she be haunted by what happened to him for the rest of her life?
I think people who have gone through what Carrie went through never truly get over it. But it’s not a central theme in the books after the story resolves in WAKE.
Oh, and I don't know if this is spoilery or not but is Captain's husband somehow important in Gone?
Because during the graduation scene in Fade, Janie looks at him but then looks away but she's not quite sure why. If i'm making something out of nothing, then just ignore the last question. Clearly i'm analyzing way more than is healthy. Ha! Yes, you probably are. I think that Janie is realizing that Captain’s married, and suddenly wondering if Captain’s husband knows anything about her. She’s feeling self-conscious there.

What are some of your favorite books to read? (besides ur own)
I wrote a list of recommendations recently and posted it as a note on my Facebook page. Feel free to befriend me and check it out! It’s here.
Thanks to Lisa for writing this series and to Simon & Schuster for sponsoring the 5 copies of WAKE & FADE which we gave away earlier this month.

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