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Monday, March 11, 2013

Fan Dream Cast!! Here it is!

So this is 100% from the fans!  You guys nominated your favorites, we pulled the results together and brought the top vote getters forward for you to vote on and this ... this is the Hush, Hush FAN Dream Cast.  Some of your choices are interesting :-) and we can't wait to see how the real thing compares!

Without further ado....

Steven Strait

 runners up: 
Drew Doyon,   Steven R. McQueen

Shelley Hennig

runners up:
Kaya Scodelario, Ana Coto

Ashley Benson

runners up:  
Candice Accola, Arielle Kebbel

Amber Heard 
 runners up 
Dianna Agron, Hayden Panettiere

Kellan Lutz

runners up:
Adam Gregory, Matt Lanter

Alex Pettyfer
runners up:
Ben Barnes, Gaspard Ulliel

Liam Hemsworth

runners up:
Lucas Til, Hunter Parish

Elizabeth Reaser

runners up:
Rachel Weisz, Andie MacDowell

Billy Burke

runners up:
Jensen Ackles, Mark Ruffalo

Claire Holt

runners up:
Amanda Seyfried, Mila Kunis

There you have it!!  Thanks so much to everyone who nominated, voted, helped to spread the word!  We can't wait to see the amazing fan art that you guys put together using all of these beautiful people!!    You never know when a contest celebrating that fanart might pop up ;-) 

* This dream cast is for fun only and will not determine who will be playing in the actual movie.
** All images are borrow from google searches, we own nothing


Anonymous said...

I love the cast already! except patch I think Drew Doyon should of been Patch.

Sarah said...

Drew Doyon won the contest. Why he's suddenly a runner up makes no sense.

FallenArchangel said...

Sarah - Drew was winning by a ton in the update post that we put up while voting was still open.. But Steven Strait ended up with the most votes by a pretty good margin. We love all the choices! And we are so excited that so many people voted! Thanks!!

Stacey said...

Steven Strait is either 29 or 30. He's WAY too old to play a guy who's supposed to be in high school. Actually, most of the people chosen are too old.

There are four books, so you need to pick people who can appear close to the characters age for 4-6 years (which is how long it takes to film a series).

Anonymous said...

Good Lord, I'm shocked people didn't nominate Kristen Stewart and Rob Patinson too. Enough with Twilight.

Anonymous said...

i think Steven R McQueen would be great for Patch

Molly Maurer said...

I love how they basically recasted "Twilight" - Kellan Lutz, Elizabeth Reaser, Billy Burke...

Juliette Martin said...

I like the other options for Patch more! I also like dianna agron more for Marcie. I hate the selections for Vee! She should be younger and heavier more like Arielle Kebbel. Nora=perfect Noras mom=perfect its all great but those few!

Mary Dooley said...

Just a thought, but maybe, for authenticity, the actor playing Rixon should be Irish. That way there's no chance of having the horrible Hollywood 'Oirish' accent that would put some people off seeing the film. We've plenty of good actors over here including a couple that have made it across the pond too (I know it's a bit obvious but Colin Farrell anyone). As I said, it's just a thought.

marie said...

Personally I feel that they should look for mostly unknown people to play these roles. It has worked for all the other book to movie franchises that have been coming out lately.

Stephanie said...

no way Drew should have won he so much better for play role of Patch!
im still excited to see the movie but not as much cause Steven Strait shouldnt have won Drew DID!!!!!

Zuhal Mohmand said...
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Talia Scott said...

I'm still going to see the movie because i love the books, but I feel like the actors are too old. I don't like the actors for detective Basso and Marcie and i think they used used too many twilight characters but oh well...

Talia Scott said...

And i thought Vee was suppose to be tall? Ashley Benson is only like 5'4

JennM said...

Keep in mind this is only a fan voted dream cast. None of these people have actually been cast for the movie :-) This was just for fun.

Angela McKee said...

I love how most of you are complaining that Steven won when Becca, the writer, said that's who she pictured as Patch while writing! Just goes to prove, no matter who is really cast not everyone will be happy. Also goes to show you how everyone's version is different in their heads. Also, thank goodness this isn't the real cast. They're all too old. Except of course those playing adults.

Q+Black said...

Oh, i love it! I like all actors! :D <3

javediqbal said...
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Sanane Amk said...

Marlon Teixeira should play the role of Patch! He would be the best Patch. Just check him out :)

Fi Alves said...

I hope this isn't the real cast! Alex Pettyfer for jules? Are you kidding me? He must be on Elliot! Not Jules!

Emi Henderson said...

I think logan henderson for patch and Erin Sanders for Nora

Ana Esteban said...

Para mi opinion seria
Nora:Ana Coto
Vee: Arielle
Marcie: Hayden
Jules: Ben
Basso: Jansen

Vanita Ramsingh said...

I love Steven Strait for Patch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!omg still can't wait for the movie though!! :)

Danie Copto said...

I think this dream cast is amazing!! Especially Patch Steven Strait would be PERFECT!!! <3
....I dont really like Drew its just not right for me...

Madisin Mae said...

I think that Jennifer Lawrence should play Nora. It'd be perfect!!

Oooh and if Jensen Ackles played Detective Basso, that would be absolutely amazing!!

Sanane Amk said...

Marlon Teixeira definitely should play Patch. He is perfect! Just look at this video
I hope he gets the role of Patch. And Kaya Scodelario should play Nora! :D

1997-1999 said...

I think that they could be :
Patch: drew doyon
Jules : Ben Barnes

Madissen Dinnewith said...

i vote JOSHUA BOWMAN for the role of patch/jev

Aline said...

I thought about Patch as Steven Strait too because I saw his acting and he has the looks, the deep voice and everything to make a really good Patch! Although he´s older :)

Divine Bila said...

I like the main person picked for Patch,Nora,and Vee. But the runner up for Marcie,Hayden Panettiere should play her instead.Nora's mom should instead be played by Andie.I don't like any of the leads for Detective Basso Don Cheadle should take that role.

Divine Bila said...

Detective Basso should be Don Chedle and Norra's mom should be Andie MacDowel

Xavier De Luna said...

for the role Dabria ^^ please make Amanda Seyfried play it ^^ Amanda looks more angelic... and Amanda's 'In Time'-movie-look fits Dabria's angel of death character ^^

Maria Johnson said...

I love most of the cast winners, and if I don't like them, I like the runners up. Awesome. Though I still do not understand how on earth Drew Doyon was a runner up.

Anonymous said...

My friends and I think all of this is just wrong. Runners up, too. But at least Avan Jogia isn't anywhere near this.

vainilla lila said...

I think Kaya Scodelario is perfect as Noraaaaaaaaaa!!! and I like more Amanda Seyfried as Dabria:)

Cheryl Staton said...

I personally would like to see Hayden as Marcie, Amanda Seyfried as Dabria, Arielle Kebbel as Vee and Steven R. McQueen as Patch.............the rest are great

Subrena R said...


Finn Hudson said...

I'm fine with Steven Strait or Drew Doyon as Patch

Finn Hudson said...

I think Steven Strait is perfect for Patch!! I also think Dianna Agron would be better for Marcie but maybethat's just because I love her! The cast is great!! I'm fine with Steven or Drew Doyon as Patch

Estefany Ramos said...


Estefany Ramos said...


Book Nerd & Critic said...

Jensen Ackles for Detective Basso? Are you kidding me? He will always be seen as Dean Winchester, I hate that he's there. And why are half the options people for The Vampire Diaries?

Tatiana Castro said...

I Don't want to Shelley ... She is taller than Nora. Do you remember that? And half the options are Twilight's .... I dont't like Nora's Mom and Detective Basso ... A LOT OF TWILIGHT!!!!

Sharon A said...

I Don't think that girl should be Nora I think Crystal Reed or Elizabeth Gillies should play Nora. and as for patch none of those guys are the one to play patch.

Shantal Machado said...

Shelley Henning would make a perfect Nora <3

Marian y Nhilze said...

I loved all of the cast but I think Candice should be Vee.... And I want to nominate James Maslow for Patch


No offense to Steven but James would be a perfect Patch <3

Francesca Vassallo said...

I really like the cast especially Steven Strait for Patch and Shelley Henning for Nora.How about Scott?

mariana said...

cassie scerbo should be marcie, arielle kebbel as vee and claire holt as dabria. i don't like the actor chose for patch's role. i think there's no one in the world who can play patch but if have to pick one i think drew roy is the best. sasha pieterse would be a good marcie too.
about nora, i don't like shelly. AND I HATE DETETIVE BASSO CHOICES . please , jensen? he will be always dean winchester, the demon hunter, not an archangel/detetive.

Jessenia romero palacios said...

I think:
Pach: Steven R. McQueen
Nora: Kaya Scodelario
Vee: Candice Accola
Marcie: Hayden Panettiere
Rixon: Adam Gregory
Jules: Ben Barnes
Elliot: Lucas Til
Nora’s mom: Andie MacDowell
Detertive Basso: Mark Ruffalo
Dabria: Mila Kunis

Publico Paginas Si Me Publican said...

I think that Drew or Wade Poezyn for Patch. Mm Nora,i dont know,its hard find an actress for her. Alex Pettyfer for Scott,please!. Ashley Benson is perfect for Vee.Rixon i dont know..Dianna Agron for Marcie...And nothing more! I hope that LD entertainment wont spoil the story,the book!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I love the Hush Hush series so much! My friend and I think Drew Doyon should be Patch, 100%! He's VERY attractive and in my opinion, he matches the description perfectly. He should to be Patch, he has the looks and sexy voice! Drew Doyon 100%!!

Anonymous said...

If Drew Doyon is Patch in the movie, my life will be complete. I will be the happiest person in history and I would buy the movie and leave it on replay for the rest of my life!

Sparkles said...

I know he's not listed as a runner up for Patch or anything, but Drew Roy would be great! I honestly love the whole list, even for Patch, but I think he just kind of already has a dangerous, bad boy vibe. You know what I mean?
Seriously, though. The whole thing is great! If only it was an actual casting, right? Lol (:

Marie Dougan said...

Here is my cast list:

Patch: Drew Roy
Nora: Torian Bellisario
Vee: Jennifer Lawence
Dabria: Olivia Wilde
Marcie: AnnaSophia Robb
Scott: Steven R. McQueen
Jules/Chauncy: Chris Zylka
Hank Miller: Bryce Johnson
Rixon: Ethan Peck
Nora's Mom: Debra Messing
Elliot: Cody Linley
Dect. Basso: Andrew Keegan

Greyce Kelly said...

No, no, no ...
Please Nora Grey has to be Emmy Rossum, she's perfect when I'm reading the books I imagine her as Nora, it is identical with the curly hair and other things, please Becca!
And Patch can be Steve Strait ...
Becca its a Brazilian fan who earnestly asks you to choose how Nora Emmy Rossum, I only see her as NORA.
Please! Kisses love his books ... think fondly! :)

Greyce Kelly said...

Dective Basso - MARK RUFFALO
Dabria - Amanda Seyfried
It's perfect!!!! My dreams Becca!
I love!!!