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Saturday, June 30, 2012

YA Crush Tournament and Patch's Army Unite!

It's that time again... YA Crush Tournament time and time to pull together PATCH'S ARMY!!

Thank you to everyone who nominated PATCH for the for the tourney over at the YA Sisterhood Blog.   He has made it into the 2012 Tournament.

And even more exciting.. he has an advocate!  Last year we were lucky that our friend Momo from Books Over Boys was Patch's advocate and she did a great job!  Today we were excited to hear that our friend Jen from Jenuine Cupcakes will be his advocate this year.

His first competition will be on July 18th but it's definitely not too early to start spreading the word and the Patch love.  Visit Jenuine Cupcakes for more info and to snag one of the awesome 'Vote Patch' buttons she has posted (see below).

YA Sisterhood

YA Sisterhood

Team Patch

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