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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FINALE release date

We've had a lot of people asking when FINALE's release date is and we've given
the only answer we had--fall of 2012. But now we're very excited to let you all know that
Simon & Schuster has shared the official release date...

the fourth and final book of the
International Bestselling Hush, Hush Saga

will release on
*insert drum roll here*

OCTOBER 23, 2012


239 days until we find out how it all ends!

Becca revealing Book 4's title on the Goodreads live chat
So now that we have the title and the release date
we await the biggest reveal of all...the cover!

But (Yes, there's a but)

We don't have the information on when Becca's publisher plans on sharing FINALE's cover, but as soon we know we will pass that highly-anticipated information along. We can't wait! Keep an eye on Twitter, Facebook and our site for contests and more FINALE news. We'll do our best to help the next 239 days fly by!

We invite you to comment below (thoughts on what the cover might look like,
have you cleared your schedule for a day of reading on 10/23/12?) but please keep in mind
that we are waiting to hear when FINALE will release in other countries.

Please visit our FINALE page to learn more about what Becca has said we can
expect fromthe conclusion to Patch and Nora's story