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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Things That Make us Happy Today!!

We, Jenn & Rebecca, (and Becca too) are in love with the VAMPIRE DIARIES tv show!!  Those of you who follow us on Twitter know just how much we <3 it! (lol sorry for filling your feeds every Thursday night).

Today the soundtrack of songs from Season 1 (last year) and Season 2 (this year) hits stores!!  We just finished downloading it and are listening to it right now!!  If you are going to buy it from Amazon, we'd really appreciate you buying through our affiliate link (all earnings help us run FallenArchangel).

There won't be a new episode this Thursday, but we figure the soundtrack sort of makes up for that ;-)

Also,  today BEAUTIFUL DARKNESS by Kami Garcia & Magaret Stohl hits stores!!  We have had the pleasure of reading an Advance Copy and highly recommend this series!  (Beautiful Darkness is Book 2 in the Beautiful Creatures Series)  Not only are the books great, but the authors are pretty awesome, too!  We'll be running a feature on these books later this month!! 

Of course we must mention how excited we are that the countdown is almost complete for CRESCENDO's big release!!  It hits stores in the UK on Thursday and here in the US next Tuesday!!! (eeeek one more week!)  Some people have been reporting early sightings in their local bookstores, so keep your eyes open!  And once you do find/get CRESCENDO, if you send us a picture of you and it, we just might post it on FallenArchangel!  You can email it to us at

Anything else making this a good Tuesday for you???  Tell us all about it in the comments!!


JennM said...

EEeeeeekk!! Loving the soundtrack so far!!

Seriously cannot wait for you all to read CRESCENDO Rebecca and I are definitely counting down the days!!


Maidenveil said...

Soundtrack??? That's awesome!! UK people better not post some spoilers! I will avoid the internet if I get to see one! LOL.