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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mystic Lit Lounge!

Hello there Hush Hush fans!

We are Kim and Shannon from Mystical Lit Lounge. Thank you to Jen and Rebecca for letting us guest post here on Mystical Lit Lounge is a Paranormal Romance Virtual Book Club Podcast. Shannon and I pick one or two books to read a month. Once we've finished a book we podcast a discussion about the book. We record twice a month with a few special episodes thrown in ie interviews and trip reports.

This month we've picked two books. For the first half of the month we are reading Hush Hush. Can we just say Becca ROCKS! We are eagerly awaiting Crescendo. We will be uploading our Hush Hush podcast around the 15th. It will be available through the site: and on itunes: . Please subscribe and leave us an itunes review. We are looking for feedback and suggestions. We're trying to find our groove with the podcast and we want to make sure our listeners enjoy the show.

So with June being Hush Hush month, we are conducting our very first giveaway. It's really easy to enter and there will be three prizes and three winners! The prizes include a Hush Hush themed necklace, journal and a hardback copy of the book. Please come by and enter. Help us make this a fun and regular thing.

Please send us your questions, comments, suggestions, advice and feedback. Also if you have a book suggestion we'd be happy to hear it.

You can also find us on twitter @mysticlitlounge or on facebook.

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