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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What can you read while waiting for Crescendo?

Hush, Hush is all over the web. There's a new Livejournal site focused "on the relationship of Patch Cipriano and Nora Grey." You can check it out here. They have discussion questions, fan art, etc.

While I was Googling, I found a lot of people asking on Yahoo, in forums, and on blogs a question that probably hits a lot of your minds: "What do I read while I wait for Crescendo?" Good Q. When I set Hush, Hush down myself, I had no idea what to follow it up with.

But I just finished a book I think Hush, Hush fans would love. It's called The Iron King by Julie Kagawa, and it has a bad boy who loves killing things with his frost sword. Paranormal, with dark romance and humor. Definitely something I would recommend to HH fans.

And, of course, the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare has that same supernatural, adventurous feel.

What would you recommend to other fans of Hush, Hush, and what have you been reading while waiting for Crescendo? Comment and let us know!

You could even check out some Hush, Hush fan fiction. Weed through to find a good one, or write your own!

And don't forget to check out February's Featured Fiction of the Month discussion in the forums for Raven by Allison van Diepen! Enter to win a copy right on the forum or head to the library and snag it off the shelves so you can participate in the discussion!

And, before I sign off, check out this article about angels trending - it mentions Hush, Hush's sales and popularity, as well as Fallen Archangel.


Alicia said...

Great post! Excellent book picks. And there's fan fiction!?!? haha.

Chelsea said...

Thanks, Alicia! And YES, there is! I haven't read any yet, but I might have to...

JennM said...

There's been a few people who would like to see us add a FanFic Section to our Forums...what does everyone think about that???