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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Becca Fitzpatrick Interview & More

Hey, guys! This is Chelsea, here reporting for duty. :) I just want to take a moment to thank Jenn and Rebecca for giving me this opportunity and for the warm welcome everyone gave me yesterday. I really, truly appreciate it.

And now, on to more exciting stuff. Becca Fitzpatrick did an interview with Girls in the Stacks, which you can watch here, and which I've embedded below for easier access. In it, she talks about previous drafts of Hush, Hush (where Patch wasn't even a fallen angel!), her favorite scenes, some chat about Crescendo, and more. If you can't see the embedded video below, head to the link to watch it.

Interview with Becca Fitzpatrick from GITS on Vimeo.

And did you know that Hush, Hush has sold in 31 different countries? Becca reported on her blog that "teens in Israel, Greece, Romania and Lithuania will be reading Patch and Nora's story." YAY! You can even read a review of Hush, Hush in Spanish here. Even though I'm muy mal (very bad) at Spanish, it's totally cool to see it being talked about in another language. I know the last sentence translates into "The mysterious and dark delight of Patch will leave you without breath." You can't argue with that.

Also, talks about a trend in angels and how they may become more popular, on literature terms, than vampires. You can read it here - it's pretty interesting, and it, of course, mentions Hush, Hush. Go angels!

And a lot of bloggers have been posting recaps about meeting Becca Fitzpatrick on her tour, which makes me very envious. Check some out here and here and here (the last of which will be giving away a signed copy of Hush, Hush soon!) Try not to turn green - Becca hinted at visiting new places in the future (although it's not set in stone) on her latest blog post. Cross your fingers that she'll be stopping somewhere near you!


JennM said...

Great post Chelsea! Becca's interview was way cute, but we're gonna have to remind her to give us a plug next time LOL :-)

Mundie Moms said...

Great job Chelsea! Welcome aboard!!
This is such great news about Becca!!!

Becca Fitzpatrick said...

YAY! Awesome post, Chelsea, thank you! For some reason the volume on my computer isn't working, so I'm watching the interview without sound. HA! I use a lot of hand gestures :)